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Forms and Procedures

Below you will find forms and/or procedures commonly used by students and faculty for Academic Programs issues. After choosing a form please be sure to read the instructions located at the top of the form. Complete the form and re-read the instructions to ensure that it has been done properly . 

Plans of Study

Plans of Study list graduation requirements for each of our majors and minors. Students should use a Plan of Study to track their progress while earning a degree. All students must submit a Final Plan of Study to the Registrar's Office within the first four weeks of the semester they intend to graduate.

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Student Forms    
Add/Drop Form PDF  
Additional Degree Petition PDF Word
Catalog Year Change Form PDF Word
Double Major Form (for declaring double major) PDF Word
Double Major Attachment PDF Word
Excess Credit Authorization PDF Word
Late Drop Request Form PDF Word
School, Major and/or Advisor Change Form PDF Word
Substitution Form PDF Word
Independent Study Authorization PDF  
Student Procedures:    
RHSA to CANR Transfer Procedures PDF Word
Dismissal Appeal Process PDF Word
Miscellaneous Forms:    
RH Arena Approval Forms PDF Word
Scheduling Grid PDF Word
Van Rental Agreement & Student Field Trip Approval PDF